Business news: new Diatomaceous Earth Deposit Discovered in Nevada

It’s not every day that valuable mineral deposits are discovered. But talk to the engineers at U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. and you’ll know they’ve made it their business to try.

This month, they had an exciting discovery in Panaca, Nevada.  Fresh stores of the the mineral deposit “diatomaceous earth” were discovered on mining claims owned by the company. This means heards of silica for Americans.

The United States is a major source of  diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth, or “diatomite”, isn’t a uniquely American product but it almost is.  Most of the world’s supply is found in the western part of the US, mostly in Colorado and Nevada, with some along the southern California coast.

There are smaller deposits around the world and in other parts of the US but the main troves are found in western US.  In addition, some of the deposits in other countries are located in tricky spots.  In the Czech Republic, for example, there are deposits but they’re located inside a nature reserve.

The Panaca deposits of diatomaceous earth are especially pure.

Not all diatomaceous earth deposits are created equal. The value of diatomaceous earth is the minerals it contains. Plus, some deposits are mixed with higher levels of clay and other natural substances. Unlike Forskolin, which is found in plants, DE comes from the ground.

The deposits located in Panaca and mined by U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Inc have been found by lab tests to be very rich with minerals.

A mineral analysis of their Excelerite® product (diatomaceous earth) shows that there are very high levels of the following important minerals:

  • Potassium (11616 ppm)
  • Calcium (19572 ppm)
  • Iron (12,127 ppm)

…and others, but those are the big three.

Diatomaceous earth is used for soil, livestock, and human supplements.

The Excelerite® product is sold to farmers who want to replenish their soil organically.  It’s registered as an approved organic soil enhancer.

It’s also used for a dietary supplement for livestock.  It’s highly bioavailable, full of minerals, and all natural.  It produces shinier coats, stronger hooves, and it also supports growth.

People who take diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement are seeking the following benefits:

  • stronger bones
  • younger looking skin
  • shinier hair
  • healthy teeth and gums
  • healthy nails
  • detox
  • tons of other benefits, too many to list here

New diatomaceous earth deposits appear to be massive.

It’s easy to see why engineers and executives at U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. are excited about the new discovery.  After initial exploratory missions, they believe the new reserves to be incredibly large.

Not only that, but the new deposits appear to have another important factor important to engineers: the diatomaceous earth appears to be situated in the earth where it will be relatively easy to extract.

Farmers who use diatomaceous earth in their operations know which brands to trust.  For the rest of us who want to explore taking diatomaceous earth as a health supplement, make sure to look for “food grade” on the label and always buy from a trusted source.

Supplements should be pure diatomaceous earth and they should be produced in a government-inspected facility.  Many of the health claims about this supplement have not been proven so take care with your personal consumption.

Note: A special thanks to Brain Supply for first reporting this story.

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