Key Tips For Local Business Lead Generation

Marketing is a dynamic concept, which requires companies to frequently change their strategies to meet changing customer demands. A few statistics have shown a report indicating that 51% of American based customers get information on local businesses from the Internet.

Local business lead generation is the process used by companies to stimulate demand of their products by targeting customers with a higher probability to purchase or higher conversion rate within their local area.

Local seo leads enables a company to use SEO techniques to target local customers as opposed to traditional methods like TV, word of mouth and postal yellow pages.

In spite of its potential to increase sales, lead generation is a big challenge to companies. According to 360 leads report, out of 78% of companies that engaged in lead generation in 2014, only 17% were successful. Hence, the following tips can help a company generate local seo leads successfully.

Must Do’s For Successful Local Business Lead Generation

local SEO A business website is a necessity to a company in this digital age. As more customers go online to search for information, it is time to take your brand where the people are through your website. The website acts as your online store thus it must have relevant, updated and accurate content.

Make the website easy to navigate by using the services of a web designer.

Remember, you have less than 20 seconds to create a first impression, if a customer finds your website complicated, irrelevant or hard to navigate they simply click on the next one which can be your competitors.

Search engine optimization enables your website to appear on search results and rank higher. According to, customers view high ranking websites as more credible, relevant and informative.

Local businesses can target customers in their locality; hence use geographic specific keywords in developing your page title, content or header tags. Popular search engines like Google and keyword discovery can give you an idea regarding the phrases customers are likely to use while searching for products related to your company.

Use this information to developed customized content for the website. Remember to include your phone number, emails or any other communication channel the customers can use to reach you. The ‘contact us’ icon can enable you convert visitors to customers.

Connect With Your Audience

Always strive to be prompt in responding to en-queries from visitors and make follow-ups using the email provided by customers. Encourage customers to leave reviews on the website to increase search rankings and conversion rates. Visitors tent to trust customer testimonials more than your content hence encourage positive customer testimonials.

Social media is a new trend in digital marketing that cannot be ignored. Having a Facebook page or twitter account can enable you interact with customers and respond to their questions and concerns. Social media is cost effective and effective hence is ideal for small businesses seeking to generate quality leads on a low budget. For a few dollars, you can sponsor the Face book page to get likes from your local area.

Starting a blog is another great way to generate local seo leads. The blog enables you to talk about your products and services, your past success stories, and commitment to your area.

By appreciating past customers for working with you through the blog, you encourage them to use your services again as well as leave positive customer reviews on the blog. Optimize your blog by writing great articles using keywords related to your locality. The url and location in your blog should indicate your commitment to the local area.

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