Increase Conversions Through Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC)

Facebook is a great tool that for a long time has been used to stalk friends and foes. It is also a marvelous marketing tool for businesses.

Over the years, Facebook has grown to be the largest social site with over 1.3 billion active users. The beauty of employing Facebook PPC marketing strategy is that it allows you to attract premium quality targeted leads thus upping conversion rates.

Facebook Ads Targets Users Based On Pages Most Visited

Facebook AdsFacebook has changed targeting techniques. Initially, Facebook used to consider the interests of a user and pages they have liked for ads placement. Nowadays, the system displays ads to the user based on the web pages they visit most and search terms among others. Though this may be seen as over stepping privacy, marketers are able to channel more quality traffic to their websites.

Facebook marketing involves driving traffic either to your website or to your company’s Facebook page. Either way, you need to ensure that your ads are properly targeted. It is only through Facebook pay per click business or SEM that you can account for every buck you spend on marketing.

Running Facebook Ads that Convert

Facebook is a great platform to reach out to your customers. You need to drive customers, and not visitors, to your landing page. Facebook ad campaigns are effective when you have optimized the landing page for the user.

To be successful in Facebook PPC marketing, you have to know your audience.

First off, let your ads be interest based. With Facebook PPC, you can target users based on location, gender, age, relationship status, education and interests. Second, you need to create a great lead magnet. Put simply, a lead magnet is an offer you give to your visitors to entice them to give you an email address. You can choose to give out an eBook, a video training, free tools and email courses among others.

Optimize your landing page for Facebook leads.

A landing page should have three basic elements; a headline, subtitle and a call to action. The landing page should be strictly focused on conversion and should be persuasive. There are a number of ways to persuade potential customers; showcase badges of renowned customers, showcase detailed testimonials and make the CTA buttons convincing.

Facebook PPC Mistakes

If not executed correctly, Facebook marketing can be risky. It is easy to get lots of visitors and not customers. If you are new to PPC, you need not fret but learn to run a profitable ad campaign through practice.

There are a number of mistakes that can cost you money. These include sending leads to your home page or your contact page, failing to split-test your ad texts, relying so much on broad match keywords and failing to take advantage of negative keywords. You should consider factors that make you want to click on a Facebook ad and what makes you offer your email address or buy a product online.

Facebook PPC is great when merged with other forms of marketing such as SEO. If you want to generate traffic for your company’s Facebook page, visitors will want to see unique and informative content. To this end, you must merge Facebook marketing, content marketing and other forms of SEO.