Are You Ready To Learn The Secret To An Entrepreneurs Focused And Energized Mind With Geniux?

What is Geniux?

Geniux is a brain supplement, that that is medically proven to have healthy ingredients that boosts the mind by improving a person’s cognitive levels and intelligence. For a majority of the world’s population, memory loss is one of the changes that is observed as a person ages. Memory loss could also be as a result of a disease in addition to the age factor.

However, with the geniux supplement, you can always improve your memory, whether your memory loss is due to aging or a different disease. The manufacturers had conducted an extensive research about, for over 20 years before coming up with this supplement, and hence you can be sure it works effectively.

Does Geniux Boost Brain Function?

· Enables more sharpened focus and enhances the brain’s reaction time.
· It improves a person’s memory and concentration in general.
· Only contains natural ingredients and hence you can be sure it will not affect your brain negatively.
· It supports healthy brain functioning by stimulating increased blood flow to the brain thus providing enough oxygen for the brain.
· This supplement is not an addictive drug and therefore you will just be taking it like any other prescribed drugs and will not have any habit-forming effect.

How Does Geniux Do Achieve All These Benefits?

geniux brain pillThe geniux supplement is well known for reducing mental fatigue and enabling you to concentrate for long hours on complex matters whether in your work place or in the classroom. You might perhaps be wondering how this is made possible by just taking one capsule a day. This supplement contains very powerful ingredients that improve the mental functioning in the following ways: · Increased energy. The capsules contains an ingredient referred to as Vinpocetine which improves the use of glucose by the brain cells. This thus increases the energy available for the brain to function efficiently without getting fatigued very easily. · Improved neurotransmitter. One of the major causes of memory loss is due to poor transmission of chemical receptors through the nervous system to the brain. When this happens, the brain is not able to respond effectively to both external and internal stimuli, and hence poor memory. Geniux will improve your neurotransmitter functioning due to the Alpha GPC component in it. · Enhances motivation. As we age, it becomes harder and harder to maintain our focus and motivation because the brain is bound to lose its power and vitality. The supplement will re-energize your brain constantly and ensure that you remain motivated and focused for a longer period of time. · Increases blood flow to cerebral cells. One of the most powerful component of this pill is the Bacopa Monnieri which is known to stimulate increased blood flow to the brain cells. This ensures that there is increased oxygen supply thus eliminating loss of concentration and mental fatigue (source).

More About Nootropics In General

These are drugs, supplements and functional foods that are known to be effective neuron-enhancers, cognitive and intelligence enhancers. They increase a person’s various aspects of mental functioning but it is always advisable to consult a qualified physician to be sure on the supplements and also to give you the proper dosage for effective results.

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